Wood County Woman Suspected of Running Puppy Mill Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

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A 64-year-old Wood County woman will spend 30 days in jail and three years on probation. Darlene Reno pleaded no contest to four counts of mistreating animals and one count of providing improper shelter for 77 dogs.

During her initial hearing Wednesday, Wood County Humane Officer Nancy Powell testified about the deplorable conditions on Reno's farm.

Powell says the animals were sick and injured and the conditions were filthy. Powell submitted hundreds of photos and a short video to back up the testimony.

Click here to view pictures (Note: some images are very disturbing).

In March, Reno surrendered more than 80 animals to the South Wood County Humane society and many are still recovering from injuries and illnesses. Two had to be euthanized. The testimony brought some in the court to tears.

Reno's lawyer argued that she has been a farmer for many years and has rescued many animals.

Witnesses also testified that Reno took good care of her animals, but Judge Gregory Potter disagreed. "If you are going to take on the task of having animals than you have to take on that task 100 percent."

Potter is allowing her to keep five dogs and three birds but says a probation officer will determine if other family members will be able to keep animals on the property.

Reno has 60 days to submit to the Wood County Jail to begin her sentence.