Update: Fire Crews to Remain on Scene of Explosion Through the Night

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One man was killed and another burned at American Wood Fibers, a wood waste processing plant.

The fire chief says it's amazing nobody else died in the blast and credits the company's safety procedures for saving lives.

There were about 15 people working at the plant at the time of the explosion, which could be heard for miles around.

Witness Fred Schuster says, "I live about a mile from here, and it shook my house, so it had to be a major explosion."

"I live three to four miles away from here and the explosion woke me up, that's how loud it was. The workers inside, I can't imagine what it sounded like from here, everybody in the community heard the explosion.”

That's from Schofield Fire Chief Doug Jennings. He says his working theory is that there were two explosions, the first in a processing room where the product was being crushed and the second from dust in the air. They caused flames that were massive, in one of the big buildings they reached from the floor to the high ceiling.

Four fire departments sent crews to help Schofield out. Three engines and 14 firefighters will spend Friday night cooling down hot spots.

Saturday, investigators will start their official search for the cause. The vice president of American Wood Fibers earlier Friday estimated about $1 million worth of damage.

The name of the victim has not been released. There is no word on the condition of the person who was injured.