What Was in the Sky?

We've been taking calls from dozens of viewers all across the area, from Rib Falls, Plover, Marshfield, Merrill, Mole Lake, Antigo and everywhere in between, all describing the same thing:

They tell us about 6:15 Tuesday night, the sky lit up followed by a loud rumble.

Some describe a fast moving object that looked like a huge 4th of July firework or a ball of flames. Others say they felt their entire houses rumble.

We've spent Tuesday evening trying to track down some answers, and the bottom line is we just don't know for sure exactly what it was. However, the Federal Aviation Administration tells us it wasn't any kind of a plane or aircraft.

The FAA in Minneapolis is reporting the light in the sky was probably from a meteor. That's also what some area law enforcement agencies tell us.

One thing everyone agrees on: it was a sight to behold.

"It's probably the most incredible sight I've ever seen, a huge trail of light, ball of fire moving across the sky, I've seen a lot of things this was just an incredible sight," says Anne Hanzel.

"Here I see this light it looks like a spotlight shining on me and I just started running ‘cause I was scared," says Dustin Genrich.

It really just sounds like this was an incredible sight and these accounts were only two out of dozens of calls we took earlier on Tuesday evening.

The similarities: everyone seems to have the same story.