What is a Teacher In-Service, and How Does it Help Students?

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For the Wausau School District, Monday was an in-service day. That may mean a day off for kids, but it's a day of learning for teachers.

Wausau teachers have five in-service days throughout the school year. It gives teachers a chance to brush up on their skills on a variety of subjects.

This year, educators are focusing on literacy and math.

About 300 elementary school teachers gathered at Wausau East High School for a day of skill-building.

"Studies have shown that the one thing that really makes an impact on student achievement is how well trained teachers are," said Nell Anderson, the district's director of education.

All 700 teachers in the district are participating. The district has partnered with organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and YWCA to have activities for children during the day.