Minnesota store sells out of PBR 99-pack in under 24 hours

People just received text messages originally sent on Valentine's Day

Starbucks reusable holiday cups available Nov. 7

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Starbucks is adding a new pumpkin spice drink to its fall menu

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Starbucks to sell tie-dye frappuccino starting July 10

'Sesame Street' addresses the foster care system with newest Muppet

Farming couple uses combine for gender reveal

Kids II recalls rocking sleepers weeks after Fisher-Price

Disney Plus streaming service to launch Nov. 12, cheaper than Netflix

California shoplifter stuffs chain saw down his pants

Badgers to end 'Jump Around' citing safety concerns

Minnesota mom's warning: Make sure your vehicle's doors are shut

Altoona Police Department has blunt reminder about 4-wheel drive

Can't find sidewalk salt? Here's some alternatives

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