7 Investigates

Wausau $25 million behind on road reconstruction projects

ONLY ON 7: DOT using next-level technology on Wis. roads

DNR and sporting organizations asking for fish and waterfowl stamp increases

New bill designates $10 million in assistance for residents with nitrate contamination

Wis. DOT needs revenue, where it comes from is up for debate

7 INVESTIGATES: Emotional toll of trade war on local farmers

7 INVESTIGATES -- Tariff impact on local farmers: 'We don't want to be bailed out'

Investigation shows concerning conditions in unlicensed Abbotsford daycare

7 INVESTIGATES: Analyzing the money trail for the state Supreme Court race

7 Investigates: Accuracy issues in FBI hate crime reporting include Wisconsin data

7 Investigates: Diverse hair salon shortage

7 Investigates: Adverse Childhood Experiences

Exclusive: Veteran behind federal emergency care law change remains without refund from VA

Lincoln Hills closure delayed, 7 Investigates reveals prototype plans for new facilities

Court Documents: Weston nursing home closes after parent company owes more than $13 million in debt

7 Investigates: Carbon monoxide detector laws

7 Investigates: Meth in Marathon County

7 Investigates: School leaders spread message of mental health resources

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