Your Town Weston: Number of former D.C. Everest athletes return to school as coaches

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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) -- Rocky Bouldin has been the head coach of the D.C. Everest boys basketball team for two years. But it wasn't that long ago that he was the one sporting an Evergreens logo on a jersey.

"I played under coach Bob Hank, and he was obviously a mentor of mine, and I really like playing with him and all of the guys. I had been playing with those guys for many, many years. It was sort of fun to see how we, from the start of it, to where we ended up," Bouldin said.

He's not the only coach to have returned to the school he once attended as a student. 11 head coaches, an athletic trainer, and numerous assistants are all former Evergreens. Dan VanSlyke has been with the boys hockey program since its early days.

"Everest did not have a youth hockey program until I was a senior in high school," VanSlyke said. "My senior year of high school was the year Greenheck was built. So it's neat to see the progression of our youth program and see how far its come, and then two fold coming back as the hockey coach and being part of the success that we've had here."

But after spending time here as students and athletes, why do so many alumni return to D.C. Everest to coach? Bouldin may have the answer.

"I think it's the commitment that you put into it, that you really do care about your programs," Bouldin said. "Certainly some of the guys in hockey, football, track, cross country, things like that, soccer. We have tons of them, softball. All of them have come back because they love Everest and being a part of it. It was probably a great time in their lives, just like it was in mine. So to come back and have the honor to coach the sport that I do with basketball was a huge privilege for me."

If this trend continues at Everest, then who knows?

The Evergreens of today, could end up being the coaches of tomorrow.