Pointers Hockey coach reflects on history with team

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW)-- "I think it's just the passion of the sport and the game and the community around hockey is what Pointer hockey is all about," UWSP women's hockey coach Ann Ninnemann said.

In the programs 20 year history there's only one season that Ann Ninnemann was not a part of the UWSP women's hockey program. After spending four years on the team as a player, Ninnemann switched to a coaching role.

"I had the opportunity to sign on as an interim head coach," Ninnemann added.

A position that she says she was blessed to receive.

"It was awesome to comeback to my Alma Mater and give back to the program that gave back so much to me as a student athlete," Ninnemann explained.

Coach Ninnemann captured her 200th win during this season, a goal that her and her players were determined to achieve.

"I mean even before the game we were like use it as motivation. Let's go and get this one for coach. I mean as soon as the game was over looking at the last coupe seconds on the clock I was like here it comes. When we got it that was really fun. It was good to be a part of something like that," UWSP senior Alex Grubbs said.

"It's hard to soak in, and it's hard to take a step back cause you're always in the moment and always wanting more. But it's pretty special when I take time to think about it," Ninnemann added.

Despite her newly acquired win total, coach Ninnemann says there's no particular number that she's looking for.

"I don't have a number in my head. I just want to keep going, keep enjoying this, having fun. It's a good time I don;t feel like it's work when I come down to the rink everyday, and that's the feeling I want to have no matter how many wins are under the belt," Ninnemann explained.