Packers defense win turnover battle against Panthers

Green Bay Packers / (Source: MGN)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WSAW)-- The Packers took a week hiatus from forcing turnovers against the Chargers. They were not going to let it happen forcing two turnovers Sunday.

"That what are DC preach and pretty much every other coach on the staff. The main thing is the ball," Packers defensive lineman Montravius Adams said.

The first turnover came off a fumble at midfield that led to the Packers putting seven points on the board.

"Dean and Kyle Allen had it, but I just came from under the bottom, and I was talking to Dean at the time, and I was like 'Dean, I can get it. Just let it go, and he did, and we came away with it. That's all you can ask for," Adams added.

The second was an interception by Tramon Williams. His first interception stopped Carolina's push toward the end zone and a swing in momentum.

"Quarterback went to scrambling. The receiver ran a corner route. He had to pivot back because the quarterback started scrambling. He pivot back away from me. Quarterback threw the ball. Adrian was in the middle of the field. Adrian came from one side. I was bracketing from the other side. Thankfully, Adrian hands not that great," corner back Tramon Williams explained.

"That's one of them things you just get caught looking down field. You thinking you about to score a touchdown, and then it goes through my hands. I was just telling Tramon, I'm glad he caught it because I would still be upset right now," safety Adrian Amos joked.

The Packers have won every game they've forced a turnover in. The two games they've lost? They came up empty in the turnover game.