Packers Coach LeFleur wanting more urgency out of team

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WSAW) -- Packers training camp had its fifth practice on Tuesday, the practice lasted just under two hours. But Coach Matt LaFleur was not happy after the practice. One word that came to his mind after the practice, urgency.

“Our guys have to decide who they want to be. It starts here. It starts right here with me and our coaching staff. We’ve got to coach better. There were a lot of great things out there as well. I just don’t like the sloppiness in terms of you can always control your effort,” Coach LaFleur said.

The Packers players are still getting a feel for their new coach, but even they understand what he is preaching.

“It’s still early on in camp. We’re figuring each other out in what his expectation is when it comes to urgency, and I completely agree with him. Our urgency, getting out of the huddle, getting set, moving from drill to drill needs to heighten. We’re in a growth now. We’re going to understand exactly what the line is,” Offensive Lineman David Bakhtiari added.

But even with their coach’s intensity, the Packers are not panicking since there has only been seven mandatory practices since LeFleur has arrived.

“I would hope we haven’t already hit his expectations. I’m sure he’s setting the bar high. I’m sure even when we do hit it, he’ll say we didn’t even hit it. It’s good for everyone. Keep striving to go faster. Do more. Be faster. Be quicker,” Packers Guard Lane Taylor explained.