Hello my name is: Leah Earnest

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW)-- After losing in the sectional semifinal last season, the SPASH Panthers had something to prove in 2019.

"The message was that we were going to be a young team, we lost some key players last year in Madison Rogan. We lost some games early in the season that later in the season we probably could have won," SPASH Captain Leah Earnest said.

The season is still early, but the Panthers know how much work it takes to get results down the road.

"We want to take one step farther. We want to just start the year strong, good preparations for the season. Improve daily in practice so that in February we're in the hunt," SPASH Girls basketball coach Kraig Terpstra added.

One person who is going to help the Panthers a large amount this season is Senior Leah Earnest, who has been contributing to the team since her freshman year.

"She's always been a leader on the court in terms of her play, her competitiveness. But now she's maybe a vocal leader on and off the court," Terpstra mentioned.

Earnests' leadership encourages a selfless style of play.

"We just try to be the best people we can be, win as many games as we can, and have a lot of fun while doing it," Earnest said.

"Great competitor, playing to win, playing to help your teammates. no matter what. Doesn't matter how much you score, or whatever. we want to compete and play for our team," Terpstra added.

Leah plans to approach her final season like any other, playing with intensity and leaving it all on the court.

"I want to play every game like it's my last game because there are no guarantees in life. You have nothing to regret if you leave it all on the court, especially this season but also my seasons prior I just tried to play as hard as I can," Earnest explained.