Hello My Name Is: Lindsay Dose

AMHERST, Wis. (WSAW) -- Why do you like basketball?

Lindsay Dose: "I love playing with my friends. Every time we go on the court and working together to have some fun."

Favorite basketball player?

"It was probably Sam Dekker when he played on the Badgers, that's my favorite player."

Favorite TV show?

"'Grey's Anatomy, definitely."

Favorite movie?

"Shrek, Shrek number one."

Favorite actor/actress?

"We'll go with Zac Efron."

What's your favorite Efron project?

"We'll go with High School Musical, the first one."

Favorite musician?

"Fun fact, I had a diss track made about me, and the kids' name was 'Young Logan', so we'll go with that. 'Where's the Beef' it's on SoundCloud, check it out."

Favorite dessert?

"We'll go with cheescake."

You can have dinner with anyone in history, who is it?

"Gandhi, you know that seems cool."

Favorite subject in school?

"It's anatomy, because I want to be a doctor, and I love science stuff."