Hello My Name Is: Karson Butt

EDGAR, Wis. (WSAW) -- Why do you like playing football?

Karson Butt: "The camaraderie of my teammates coming out to the practice field every day after school, and winning those big games and celebrating in the locker room after, that's what I play for."

Who's your favorite football player?

"Favorite football player. I'd have to say is Aaron Rodgers, because he can make a lot happen."

What's your favorite sport besides football?

"Track and field, I like the competitiveness and how every day you're going out there and competing against yourself not only but against other people and seeing who can push who farther."

Favorite athlete that isn't a football player?

"Probably have to say Lebron James because he's a great leader on the basketball court, but also off the basketball court, when he opened that school, just a great man."

Food you could eat every day for the rest of your life?

"Gushers, Fruit Gushers, yeah, yeah, all day."

Favorite movie?

"Favorite movie would have to be either 'The Blind Side' or 'The Benchwarmers'."

Favorite musician?

"Either Rascal Flatts or Tim McGraw."

You can have dinner with anyone in history, who is it?

"Maybe Vince Lombardi just to see what the culture was, and how he was so successful, and just learn some things from him."