Edgar referees celebrate 40 years since state championship win

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EDGAR, Wis. (WSAW) -- It has been 40 years since Dave Thurs, Jeff Mueller, Bill Tess, and Jim Heidmann have played on the Edgar football field.

"It was fun, it was a long time ago but I remember it like it was yesterday," Jim Heidmann said.

"I mean some of the hits out there I can’t believe that we hit that hard sometimes. But then there’s a lot of holding and stuff, and you know we didn't do that," Jeff Mueller joked.

It was the same four players that helped to bring the Wildcats their first championship in 1979.

"All four of these guys were two way players and they were instrumental in our semifinal and state championship game," Edgar Head Coach Jerry Sinz explained.

It was in that season that Edgar’s winning culture was born.

"I think to keep the tradition going with the younger kids, they talk about it too. You can see the signs up, the trophies, they want to see that and they want to strive," Edgar Athletic Director Jim Steinke added.

"I think we kind of set that standard to begin with. Once we did it, from then on it was like Edgar is going to go a lot more times," Heidmann mentioned.

Even though the four have not played in four decades, they find other reasons to support their alma mater.

"These guys’ kids won a state championship here and they were watching and of course they were happier than the players were. That was really neat when that happened," Sinz added.

With all the time that they have spent either playing football or officiating it, the guys have come away with a few tips for the younger players.

"You can be serious about the game but in the long run just have fun doing the sport," Mueller said.

"Through thick and thin there's going to be some up's and downs. But when it comes out in the end you've got to be friends in the end and just hang together because there's more to life than the game you have go to understand that. You have to understand that too, life will go on and you have some other things to do together too," Heidmann added.

Edgar is celebrating their alums on the field during halftime on Friday’s game against Hurley. Kickoff for the game is at 7:00pm.