Edgar looks to bring home a Gold Ball

EDGAR, Wis. (WSAW) -- Edgar is back at state for the second year in a row. The Wildcats are trying to raise the Gold Ball for the first time since 2016.

Edgar heads to state.

Edgar is facing a the same team they faced in the title game last season in Blackhawk.

The Wildcats took at 15-8 lead, but fell just short 22-15.

Head coach Jerry Sinz wants his team to know that he would love to bring home a title, but it's ultimately just a game.

"I told them yesterday before we go on the field on Thursday, I'm gonna make you make you smile and giggle because if you're not smilling or laughing, well there you're not gonna be playing your best," said Sinz. "I've seen before where guys get too uptight and they just don't respond well or react well. I don't know. Maybe one of the coaches will have to have a joke or something for the locker room cause some games you have to try make it more serious. These games you gotta get them to relax."

"Ya, right before half, we had like a really bad possession where we had 30 yards of penalties right before, so like we went into the half thinking' oh dang, that was really bad'," said Edgar senior Kaleb Hafferman. "We had a negative mindset and that just carried through the second half and we weren't the same as the second half."