Wood Co. sees several snow related crashes during first snowfall

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WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis (WSAW) -- After the first official snowfall fell on Wednesday for the majority of north-central Wisconsin, Wood County was hit the hardest during the morning commute. According to the Sheriff’s Department, deputies had to respond to roughly 30 snow-related accidents.

“With the first snowfall drivers tend to forget that they need to slow down,” stated Sheriff Shawn Becker with the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. “We ask drivers to pay attention to the weather the night before and if you see that we are going to get snow, make sure you give yourself extra time in the morning.”

The Department says most of the crashes were cars that slid off the road from driving too fast or rear collisions from driving too close to other vehicles. No one was seriously injured but deputies believe many of the accidents could have been avoided.

“If you are going fast and end up in a ditch it could be some time before we could get to you or a tow truck gets there, so you will be later to where you are trying to be,” added Becker.

Drivers are also asked to make sure their cars are completely clear of snow and headlights are working or they could be cited for visibility safety concerns.