Wisconsin State Water Ski Championship returns to Wisconsin Rapids

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- The best water skiers in the state will take to the lake in Wisconsin Rapids on Thursday for the Wisconsin State Water Ski Championship. This tournament is the biggest of its kind in the world. This year the tournament was maxed out with 61 individual events and 26 Wisconsin teams competing on Lake Wazeecha. Jack Lukes created the Wisconsin Rapids aqua skiers and then the Wisconsin state water ski tournament 1966. Jordan Becker with the Wisconsin rapids aqua skiers the Wisconsin state water ski championship said she is proud of the team for continuing to honor his name.

"When he created the Wisconsin state water ski tournament he actually wrote in the rules that the Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers would always host it until we don't want it anymore. So it's been in Wisconsin Rapids for 53 years. We plan on keeping it here and it's also the world’s largest water ski tournament in the world. So it's a pretty incredible opportunity for us,” Becker said

The individual competitions start today where skiers will be judged on events like doubles, swivel, and freestyle. The Central Wisconsin Water Walkers will be the first and only team to compete on Thursday. Top scorers of the championship will advance to nationals in West Palm Beach in Florida at the beginning of August. Becker said that while practicing is a lot of work, getting to compete in the competition makes it all worth it.

"The best part is when I come on state anytime that I'm skiing in an act and just seeing that many people there on the beach cheering us on. Really it's very rewarding to see all of our hard work has paid off,” Becker said.

The competition runs through Sunday with events starting at 7 a.m. everyday. Each team will perform a one hour show with short breaks between sets.