Wisconsin Rapids reopens parks, facilities

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Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. (WSAW)- Wisconsin Rapids announced via a press release that they will be reopening parks and other facilities in town.

"Confirm with the public that the parks are open for use, except for youth athletics. Our playgrounds are open and available for people to use," Wisconsin Rapids Mayor Shane Blaser said.

The parks' facility rentals will be honored and can be used starting on June 5. Even the Wisconsin Rapids Zoo will be open again once the animals can return.

For the new reopening, the city will also resume its daily cleaning of the grounds, but no additional cleaning will be done.

"Our facilities will be cleaned as they are daily, but there won't be any additional cleaning," Mayor Blaser added.

The city workers are also seeing changes as well, as they are preparing for City Hall to be open next month.

"We're going to start returning back to our offices and start returning equipment and get things settled back into our offices. We will be open to the public on June 1," Mayor Blaser stated.

Even though things are starting to return to normal, the Mayor still wants people to remember the newly acquired safety practices.

"We still need to respect each other; social distancing. Common touch points we need to be careful of. We need to continue to use hand sanitizer and those types of things to protect ourselves," Mayor Blaser explained.

The city has also decided to move the 4th of July Fireworks Festival to September 5 to help continue safe practices. For the press release with all of the openings click here.