Wisconsin Rapids boy thriving after beating cancer

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (WSAW)-- You could say Michael Bluell III is your typical kid.

Michael Bluell III is a Children's Miracle Network kid who beat cancer. (WSAW)

"Michael is full of engery, every single day," said his mom, Kelly.

He likes to go fishing and play with his friends.

"We usually play football," Michael said. And do a favorite of pretty much every kid. "Getting ice cream," he added with a grin.

It's thanks to his treatment at the children's hospital that makes all that possible today.

"I had cancer," Michael said.

It was a diagnosis that came when he was eight weeks old.

"He was diagnosed with stage 4S neuroblastoma," said Kelly.

Michael had an ultrasound done that found the cancer in his liver and his adrenal glands.

"Overall he went through six official rounds of chemotherapy at the Children's Hospital in Marshfield," Kelly explained.

"I think the feelings at first, you're scared. You dont' know what to expect, the unknown," added Mike, Michael's dad.

That fear turned to comfort with Lindsey, a child life specialist -- even to this day. Kelly said she's most grateful for Lindsey.

"She always makes a point of coming to visit and see us every time we're there."

Michael is now cancer-free, and living life the way any energetic kid does.

"He's always smiling.," Mike said. "No matter what happens, is he's always smiling."

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