Winter weather slows travelers in Central and North Central Wisconsin

A car drives south on Highway 51 near Rib Mountain (WSAW Photo).
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MARATHON COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- With snow falling on one of the busiest travel days of the year, many people were slowed down by the weather.

People heading back from the Thanksgiving holiday were met with wintry roads in the north central part of the state Sunday.

"You can tell... it's winter,” said Ken Fenne with a laugh. He was driving back up north Sunday.

"Raining down south… I had rain all the way up until I got by Westfield and the ground started turning white," he said, noting that the snow was really coming down above Stevens Point.

When the forecast showed snow, "that did change our plans a little bit for the weekend," said Fenne, who drove back home so his wife wouldn’t have to.

Anyone who had to get back for work Monday morning had to press on.

"I couldn't decide if it was better to leave later or earlier, but I figured it's going to take me forever and I might as well get ahead of it,” said Brittany Graves, who had to get back home Sunday.

But she made sure to drive cautiously.

"I've been going 40. So it took me two and a half hours to get to Wausau from Green Bay," Graves said.

People said highways north and east of Wausau were hard to drive on.

"For the most part it's pretty packed snow. You're not driving on the road. You're driving on packed ice and snow," she said.

Their message to anyone traveling Sunday?

"Plows are definitely out there, they are salted, slushy. Obviously they can't keep up so just take your time," said Fenne.