Winter allergies disguised as the common cold

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- While some may think spring is the prime time for allergies, allergies can occur all year round. While pollen affects some, mold and dust mites that we inside affect others. Even our pets can start to effect the air quality, leading to irritable coughs. That being said, symptoms between the common cold and allergies can be almost identical to each other.

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Todd Hostetler with ENT Allergy Associates said the number one sign you are dealing with allergies are lingering symptoms.

“A typical cold or flu is gonna last, seven, ten, 14 days. It's gonna run its course. If you're sick past that, it's time to think, what else is going on here. Could this be something else,” Hostetler said.

Hostetler said if you’re fighting a cough longer than two weeks to reconsider what you're dealing with. On the other hand, a fever is a sign of infection that typically tells of a cold. No matter what is going on though, Hostetler said it's important to tackle it so you can feel better.

"Allergies significantly affect your quality of life, they make you feel like you have a cold all the time. And so there are clear studies that say it effects our work performance, our school performance, our focus and our ability to get things done,” Hostetler said.