What's next for Brewers, MLB

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Dale Ryman As the country continues a wait and see approach for the Coronavirus pandemic, the sports world is also anxiously waiting. The Milwaukee Brewers were more than halfway through spring training when MLB decided to shut things down.

Adam McCalvy talks with NewsChannel 7's Dale Ryman. (WSAW Photo)

So what's next? No one knows.

"Craig Counsel said this, you have to be willing to say I don't know," said Adam McCalvy, Brewers beat writer for MLB.com. "And I think the answer to a lot of the questions right now is going to be, I just don't know. And Craig Counsel doesn't know, David Sterans doesn't know. And it's put the players and coaches in a difficult position in terms of how do we prepare for this absence and the start of the season, eventually."

Once the government gives the go-ahead, it won't be easy for any team to just get back to where they were. Many will be starting over, again.

"There's going to have to be some sort of process to ramp them up again," McCalvy said. "What that looks like, how long that can be, how you condense it, where it's going to take place?"

The burning question is, what type of team do the Brewers have, after losing Yasmani Grandal and Mike Moustakas, among others.

"I think your entire off-season was a bet on the fact that they are better than a lot of people think they are," said McCalvy. "The Brewers were a team they felt was deeper and they felt they were really built to handle a 162 game season."

To pass the time as we wait for the Brewers, McCalvy has a book coming out in May, celebrating 50 years of Brewers baseball. It's titled "The Milwaukee Brewers at 50," and is available for pre-order on Amazon.