Wausau man looks to roll into the Guinness World Record book

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- One might call Steve Ruppel Wausau’s “World Record Man.” On Saturday, Ruppel aims to break his seventh Guinness World Record at the Wausau Marathon.

So far, Ruppel holds the tallest stack of donuts in one minute; the fastest time to lace a shoe; the fastest time to drink a liter of gravy; the most shirts worn running a half marathon; the most times seeing a movie in a movie theater; and the fastest time running a mile blindfolded.

Saturday’s record: “The fastest time to roller skate a marathon,” said Ruppel.

A chiropractor by trade, Ruppel has been training for several months on the track at Horace Mann Middle School in Wausau.

“About three to four nights, every week, I’ve been putting on maybe 12 to 18 miles in each outing,” said Ruppel. “Two hours and 30 minutes I have to beat.”

Scott Liegl is the marathon’s race director. He says it would be a great story to see Ruppel break the record.

“Seeing Steve, if he comes across and can beat a world record on that, it will be pretty amazing to watch,” said Liegl.

While Ruppel has been working hard, he’s still aware of the challenges that the task at hand presents.

“There’s a lot of obstacles with this,” added Ruppel. “There are a lot of roads that are under construction, there’s gravel that I have to run with my skates over.”

Still, Ruppel is grateful to Liegl and the organizers of the Wausau Marathon for the opportunity to make history.

“I think this would be a difficult record to break pretty much anywhere else,” said Ruppel. “Just getting the permission to do something like this, on someone’s course, we’re just fortunate enough to be able to have it on a home course and with the permission of the race director to let me do this.”

Ruppel will roll off from the starting line at Marathon Park roughly five minutes before the runners take to the course. There won’t be any Guinness officials there, but Ruppel will be wearing a Go Pro and have two friends following along on bikes who will act as witnesses to the record. Finally, a letter of certification from the race director will hopefully solidify his world record attempt.