UWSP's 3 campuses contribute $671 million to Wisconsin's economy

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point is making big economic waves.

Chancellor Bernie Patterson shared the numbers Tuesday on how all three campuses are impacting central Wisconsin economically.

An analytics firm from Sturgeon Bay recently finished a study on the UWSP campuses in Stevens Point, Wausau and Marshfield. It found the university is contributing more than $671 million Wisconsin's economy every year.

Chancellor Patterson spoke at each campus Wednesday where Northstar Analytics presented their comprehensive economic impact study. They found for every one dollar of state tax investment in UWSP, $18.28 of economic activity is generated in the state.

"It goes without saying that we've known about the economic impact the university has on the city of Stevens Point for a very very long time. But it's good every once and while to have that reminder from the actual numbers,” said Mayor Mike Wiza.

The study also showed 92 percent of Stevens Point graduates remain in Wisconsin after completing their degrees. A UWSP grad himself, Wiza knows firsthand, why so many stay in the state after graduation.

"My best friend… we met in college. We live across the street from each other. I met my wife who was going to school here, she ended up staying. My daughter graduated from UWSP, she ended up staying so-the impact is obvious,” he explained.

Chancellor Patterson says that while the university prepares students for a success in life. It also is working to focus on the community's economic success now and in the coming years.

"This is an exciting time for our university and our region. We're all standing together, looking to the future and the future looks bright,” Patterson said.

Northstar also shared that 92 percent of the economic impact generated from UWSP activities goes directly to private businesses.

Local government and nonprofit organizations also benefit from the campuses success.