Two opposing groups rally at the Capitol

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MADISON, Wis (WMTV) - The Wisconsin Patriots Alliance held a pro-Constitution and pro-gun rights rally on Saturday afternoon on the steps of the Capitol.

Around 50 people participated in the rally. One of the organizers, Thomas Leager, said one of the goals was to dispel misconceptions about their case and to demonstrate to the new governor the need to represent all of Wisconsin.

Many people had guns strapped to their chest, as a way to express their second amendment rights.

“We want to disavow any violence, we want to disavow any radicalism on our side and on any side. We do not accept radicals, we do not want to overthrow the government. We want to restore the Constitution and restore the republican democracy to its once great state,” Leager said.

At the same time across the street, more than 100 people rallied to stop hate, racism, sexism and xenophobia. This rally was called the ‘Unite Against Fascism Rally’ and was purposely organized at the same time as the pro-Constitution and pro-gun rights rally.

Many people carried signs in support of refugees and immigration, some reading ‘go home Nazis.”

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin attended the rally and said he wanted to spread a positive message.

“I don’t see any basis for conflict. What I do see is an opportunity for those of us who believe in justice and equity to spread that message of kindness and love,” Soglin said.

The Madison Police Dept. worked with Wisconsin State Capitol Police. According to Madison police, there were no arrests and both rallies were peaceful.