The Neighbors' Place Director, Tom Rau, retiring in 2019

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- The executive director for The Neighbors’ Place, Tom Rau, will retire at the end of 2019. Rau has worked for the Wausau nonprofit for nearly 20 years.

“It has been my honor to work with a team of dedicated, caring people at The Neighbors’ Place through these years,” Rau stated in a press release. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done to help those who need it in our community, and of the fact that one of our guiding principles is to always treat the people we serve with dignity and respect.”

NewsChannel 7 has worked directly with Rau for several years as part of our Share Your Holidays campaign. Share Your Holidays fundraiser and food drive for The Neighbors’ Place and Salvation Army.

Rau’s wife Marcy is the director of The Neighbors’ Place’s community learning center. She and Tom will retire together.

Youth program director Joan Bouldin will also retire this year.