Staying safe as you try to 'Beat the Heat'

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - With the warm temperatures come a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities, and while it is great to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, it's important to make sure that you are staying safe in the summer heat.

Jaron Goralski's preferred outdoor activity is disc golf. While out on the course, he makes sure to keep both himself, and his dog Louie, safe.

"Always bring water," said Goralski.

"I try and bring at least a bottle or two from home just to make sure when I am thirsty.. just take a sip here and there to stay hydrated."

Goralski admitted that he can sometimes be forgetful when it comes to hydrating, but with Louie by his side, it's easier to remember.

"Every couple of holes I'll stop and fill up one of my discs and give him some water," Goralski added.

"Let him cool off for a little bit."

Dale Grosskurth is the Environmental Health and Safety Director at the Marathon County Health Department. He says heat related illnesses can impact you very quickly if you're not careful.

"Automatically, every so often you should have a drink of water," Grosskurth advised.

"By the time you feel like you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated."

Grosskurth said that there are symptoms to look for when it comes to heat related illnesses.

"If you're sweating profusely, clearly you need to hydrate, or if you have wet clammy skin," said Grosskurth.

"Heat stroke is much more dangerous. You generally have red, dry, hot skin, a throbbing head ache and dizziness. If it's that, you need to call 911 to get medical help, and then get the person cool."