Stanley-Boyd hopes cameras on buses deter bullying, prevent damage

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- Stanley-Boyd is adding cameras to each of their 15 buses to give administration a way to keep tabs on both riders and drivers. The six new cameras include one overlooking camera that shows the length of the bus and the door. Four isle cameras were also added. To see a full view of the road, buses have a dash camera as well. The new cameras help to get better view of bus incidents to appropriately take action. Inside, bus cameras look to combat bullying and bus damage. Bus drivers are also monitored.

Jeff Koenig, Stanley-Boyd’s superintendent said outside cameras are to keep an eye on drivers obeying bus laws.

"You're never going to see everything that takes place but it does give a pretty good view. They are high resolution cameras. It does actually have a monitoring thing so we know the speed of the buses. We know the route they took so it's going to really help just knowing what's going on with our bus fleet all the time,” Koenig said.

Last year, the district was granted a high cost transportation aid that covered the $40,000 project.

"We're just trying to keep our bus drivers and students as safe as possible and if it takes a little money to try and do that we're happy to do that for our students and staff,” Koenig said.

When an incident occurs, drivers are able to press an alert button that marks the film. Administration or law enforcement can look back later depending on the occurrence.