Snow covered hydrants could delay fire suppression efforts

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Stevens Point Fire Department wants to remind residents to keep fire hydrants clear of snow or ice for the safety of everyone during emergencies.

Benjamin Schultz from the Stevens Point Fire Department says if you have a hydrant on your property, it's important to not only clear the hydrant itself, but also clear a 3 foot area around it.

"Fire doubles, you know...every minute. So, if it delays us 5 minutes to dig out a hydrant, well, the fire just got 10 times bigger and it's 10 times harder to put out then,” Schultz said.

Keeping the hydrants clear saves the fire and water departments a lot of time by not having to clear them out. Schultz also asks businesses and apartment buildings to clear their secondary or back door exits as well.