Rothschild students learn the dangers of driving drunk

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ROTHSCHILD, Wis. (WSAW) -- Fifth grade students in Rothschild got a hands-on look at the dangers of drunk driving Tuesday. Using 'Drunk Buster Go-Karts,' they got a feel for what it's like to be impaired behind the wheel.

"We're hoping that this experience stays with them and they remember how responsible they need to be getting behind the wheel of a car and taking on that responsibility of driving," said Rothschild Police Department School Resource Officer Jeff Zwicky.

"It was scary because like, you feel like you're going downhill faster than you are," said 5th grader Jessica Kozmarcik.

"It's really hard to drive like that and you could crash, you swerve," said 5th grader Damien Puent.

"It's so hard driving, if you're driving drunk," said 5th grader Anna France.

Officer Zwicky said while the students take away a valuable lesson, they might in turn take that information home to their parents and spread helpful tips to the adults in their lives, as well.