Rise Up helps channel fear, anxiety into collaborative virtual art

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Rise Up Central Wisconsin wants to help people channel their anxiety and fear during this time into art.

Rise Up has found success with their circle project (courtesy of riseupart.org).

Rise Up has done the circle project with abuse victims and people recovering from addiction, finding it successful to open up and ease the mind.

“For someone who's living in substance abuse and recovery, or living through violence, when they start painting or when they start doing other projects that we're doing, their mind is taken off of the stress," said Christy Keele, Rise Up’s president.

Now, they’re offering people at home the option to collaborate on a virtual circle mural, combining everyone’s submissions.

“It can help with anxiety, it can help with fear, it can help with all of that,” she said.

Participants draw concentric circles and let creativity take hold from there, using any medium, and even 3D elements, to make their piece. From there, snap a picture on a phone and post to Instagram with the hashtag “riseupcircleproject” or email the image to info@riseupart.org.

For a full list of how to be part of the circle project, click here .

The submission deadline is April 18th. Keele says their public mural set to debut this summer is still in the works.