City proposes linking Thomas Street to walking trail from Riverside Park in Wausau

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- The city of Wausau hopes to connect a walking trail along the west bank of the Wisconsin River to Thomas Street.

Currently, there is a walking trail from the end of Emter Street to Riverside Park. If the plans move forward, the trail would run along the river from Thomas Street to Riverside Park.

To do so, the city is asking a Thomas Street property owner for an easement. The city will discuss the easement at the Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee meeting Wednesday.

Wausau is also preparing plans to replace the stack stone wall along the river on the west side of the Thomas Street Bridge. Wausau Director of Public Works Eric Lindman said the replacement project is still in the design phase. He said if funding is available the project could begin in fall 2019.

City records state the current wall is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.