Registation still open for annual trash pick-up event, 'Green and Clean'

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Registration is still open to pitch in and help clean up trash in the Wausau area. The annual Ghidorzi ‘Green and Clean’ event is April 27.

With nearly a decade of Green and Clean events under his belt, creator Chuck Ghidorzi has collected it all.

"Parts of building materials, parts of cars, any number of things that are out there,” Chuck says.

That's exactly why he thought of the event in the first place. For years, teams have filled trash bags with discarded food containers, cans and glass bottles as part of the volunteer effort to beautify the area.

Chuck said the reason to start an event was simple.

"On my way home from about a 7 block walk… I started picking up some trash along the way and pretty soon it has a couple of bags. And I thought, well maybe we could get together with some of our business partners and some of our community people and kind of make this a community event which we can keep our community clean."

Business partners jumped on board immediately, and now more than 20 different groups help recruit hundreds to the annual event.

“The community response has been absolutely great over the years. We've picked up 21 tons of trash. This year is particularly important because the snow took care of our event last year and we have particularly quite a bit of trash that needs to be picked up,” he said.

Cleanup sites are designated across Wausau, Rib Mountain, Schofield, Rothschild and Weston.

If you're interested in participating you can still sign up online. Click here to sign up.

Friday, April 19 is the last day to guarantee a free t-shirt.