WPS crews prepared to respond to weather-related outages

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)- The Wisconsin Public Service website shows a number of power outages have been repaired, as winter weather and high winds continue to push through Wisconsin. The company is prepared to handle outages as they may continue through the day.

Thursday morning, the website showed outages in Tomahawk, Stratford, and a significant outage in Rhinelander. Thursday morning, nearly 1,000 were without power. Those outages were restored around 10 a.m.

WPS spokesman, Matt Cullen said crews are prepared to respond to power outages throughout the day.

“Wisconsin Public Service closely monitors weather conditions and forecasts throughout the year to determine what if any impact they will have on our electric distribution system. So with the outages that have occurred this morning and a little bit during the overnight hours, we’ve been having crews that have been responding to those outages and making repairs as safely and as quickly as possible," Cullen said.

Counties in north eastern Wisconsin are currently experiencing outages.

Cullen urged drivers to be courteous to WPS crew making repairs.

“We do advise anyone who is on the roads to make sure to slow down, and not only when you’re driving past our facilities and our equipment but also our crews. When our crews are out, they’re oftentimes working next to roadways, so we just ask that drivers and motorists make sure to pay attention, to stay alert, and if they do see one of our crews, so slow down and take it slow around them," Cullen explained.

Newschannel 7's weather team is reporting high wind gusts as a band of moderate to heavy snow pushes through the area.

We'll continue to update this story throughout the day, as outages are reported, and repaired.