Plows working nonstop to clear roads during spring snowstorm

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- As a spring snowstorm hits in April, the Marathon Co. Highway Department said it's been a hectic Thursday.

In fact, they've had the full fleet of 36 trucks out since early Thursday morning, including the tanker. But with wet snow and sleet, it's been hard to keep up with plowing.

"Spring snowstorms tend to be a little bit easier, they clean up faster. But they do provide a challenge in the fact that the snow is wet and packing and sticks to the road. Obviously, it doesn't take as much salt to clean up, providing that we can to it in a timely fashion. It's just come so fast that it's built up and we got a bunch of build-up on roads," said Russ Graveen, Maintenance Supervisor with the Marathon Co. Highway Department.

Graveen added that an overnight crew is working Thursday night into Friday morning, and the day crew will return early Friday morning.

The plow crews are going to keep clearing the roads as long as they need too, and hopefully, this is the final snowstorm this season that they'll have to deal with.