Parents find suspicious object in Green Bay scavenger hunt

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Parents are upset after a razor blade was found attached to a rock during a scavenger hunt.

The rock was found in downtown Green Bay during a game of rock hide-and-seek. The founder of the “Green Bay Rocks” Facebook group, McKenzie Austin, said the event was made to surprise people walking in the city.

"It's simple and it's you know when you're out there and you're not expecting it you just find this bright little thing on the ground and you just feel special, like it's meant to be that this would cross your path and I think that that's why people find it so thrilling," Austin said.

Along with the razor, the rock had a bipolar symbol on it and said "you decide" sending a message about mental health. The founder of the Facebook group said this rock went against the idea of the movement.