Outbreaks of adenovirus reported on Wisconsin college campuses

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) The Wisconsin Department of Heath Services is investigating multiple cases of adenovirus on college campuses around the state.

Typically, adenovirus causes respiratory illness with symptoms like a cold. It can also cause flu-like symptoms or pink eye. DHS says serious illness is rare, but in some cases it can cause pneumonia or death.

State Heath Officer Jeanne Ayers says, "Adenovirus infection is easily spread, which is why we tend to see it in places where large groups gather, like college dormitories and classrooms."

The virus also spreads easily from person to person, through the air, or through touch.

Antibiotics don't work on the virus, so DHS suggests people with symptoms should stay home, and be vigilant about washing their hands and covering their coughs and sneezes.