Gov. Walker: There's no more state property tax

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- For the first time since 1931, there's no state property tax.

Governor Scott Walker visited Eau Claire Wednesday where he discussed the elimination of the state portion of the property tax and other property tax reforms.

Governor Walker says the move is not a cut, but, rather more of a shift in the overall state budget.

"We're able to take this off," Governor Walker said. "Eliminate it entirely. We don't eliminate anything. Because of the growth we've had in the budget, because of the positive economy, the fact that more people are working than before - all those things put us in a good position. Not only to cover this, but, as I mentioned, to put more dollars in our classrooms than ever before, to make all the other investments we've done this budget."

Governor Walker added the best way to make sure that property tax relief isn't short-term, but long-term, is when you're able to eliminate part of that tax bill.