Night to Shine prom experience held in Plover, nationally

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PLOVER, Wis. (WSAW) --- The annual Night to Shine prom experience was hosted Friday night at churches all across the world. It gave people with disabilities the chance to get all dressed up and spend the night on the dance floor.

Night to Shine was held in part thanks to the Tim Tebow Foundation. A grant was given to Highland Church in Plover to put on the prom.

"It's a prom-like experience, so they'll come and we have a catered meal for them, we shine their shoes, we do their hair and makeup and then we have a dance where they all are crowned kings and queens of the prom," said Bob Stewart, the Host of a Night to Shine at Highland Church.

More than 100 people volunteered to help attendees feel special.

"This event is important just because a lot of these people, they don't get to have this experience, so we want them to know that they are loved and loved by God, and make them feel like royalty," said Melissa Stewart, a volunteer with Night to Shine.

This is the second year the church has hosted the event, and the fifth year it's been held nationally.

"I've always had a heart for people with special needs, and I just want them to know that they are each loved, and they are a person too just like anyone else," said Melissa.

Organizers said it's a special night where the guests truly get to shine.

"Just seeing their excitement to go to dances, and have these sorts of opportunities that we kind of take for granted," said Bob.

At the end of the night, every person who attended was crowned 'Prom King' or 'Prom Queen' and went home with a crown.