UPDATE: NTC to re-open Thursday following cyber-security incident

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Classes will resume Thursday at Northcentral Technical College following a cyber-security incident that prompted class cancellations earlier in the week.

In an email, Kelsi Seubert said Monday security monitoring systems alerted them to a cyber-security incident impacting computer systems on campus.

The school then initiated its cyber security response plan.

Now, as students get ready to begin their summer classes three days late, every student should receive a phone call from the school to make accommodations to ensure they have enough time to complete their courses.

"The college has engaged with cyber forensic teams to investigate the incident,” Acting President of Northcentral Technical College Jeannie Worden said. "Classes that did not require technology continued on Monday and there were no stoppages there.”

Thomas Nienow is enrolled in two courses over the next eight weeks.

"It is an accelerated class, they've condensed a 16 week course down to 8 weeks, so I pretty much had one to two exams per week in order to get the credit by the end of summer,” Nienow said.

While Nienow still has some concerns about getting his work done on time, he has been in contact with both of his professors.

"I've gotten emails, phone calls and text messages from both my instructors saying 'hey, just to let you know, the due dates for this first week are going to be set back and then we're going to have revised course calendars,’” Nienow said.

Seubert said the college has no indication that any confidential, personal or financial student or employee data was compromised.

Administration is working with students to help them stay on track due to the condensed summer class schedule.