Merrill residents calling for city hall resignations

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MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW)-- Some residents are calling for the resignation of Merrill's city administrator and finance director.

Upset residents not only packed a city council meeting Tuesday, some of them lined the road in front of city hall to make sure their voice was heard.

"We're angry and we want to be heard," said Merrill resident Mark Bares.

Some of those angry citizens, even picketed outside of city hall to protest the recent housing tax increase.

"The tipping point was when we got our tax bill and everybody was expecting 3 percent," Bares added.

But what they received was a 7.4 percent increase. In a conversation with Newschannel 7 last month, Mayor Derek Woellner said the reason why taxes were that high was because of a decrease in state funding and an increase in tax increment districts.

Regardless, some residents say now is the time for both City Administrator Dave Johnson and Finance Director Kathy Unertle to step down. Residents say it’s because they're losing trust in them.

One resident at Tuesday’s meeting did side with the city administrator and finance director, saying they’re making the right decision in order for Merrill to move forward.

"They have no regard for the people who are Merrill and that's the citizens. They do whatever they want and we're tired of it,” Bares explained.

When asked about whether or not the residents’ complaints were valid on Tuesday, Mayor Woellner said he had nothing to add on the topic. The reason being that the complaints were about specific members in office.