Meal Mobile serves over a thousand of hot, healthy meals to children after school

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PORTAGE COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- Kids at the Plover location of the Boys and Girls Club are able to eat a hot meal meal right after school thanks to the Boys and Girls Club Plover Dinner program. So far the program has served over a thousand hot meals to kids since launching in December.

"So the kids that are at our Plover center also get a hot, healthy meal every single night of the school year. So we are really excited about that because we have had that at our Berard Center for the last couple of years and we're happy to have that at our Plover center as well," explained Kevin Quevillon, the Executive Director of the Portage County Boys and Girls Club.

It's all thanks to a new van they call the Meal Mobile. The hot meal is made at the Stevens Point location with their large industrial kitchen. Then the van takes the food over to the Plover club.

It's all made possible through donors and federal grants.

"One of our dreams you know whenever kids come to our boys and girls club we don't want any of our kids to be hungry. It helps us because when kids are not hungry kids tend to behave more better," said Quevillon.

For kids like the Miller's it's way better than the snack they had before.

"I like the dinner because we live in Plainfield and we go to the Pacelli school and then we come here and we eat and it takes awhile for us to get home," said Isaac Miller.

"I think a hot meal is way better than just a snack because its like a lot of food that you can eat," said Ayla.

It would not be possible without the staff. "My favorite part is cooking in the kitchen and baking and seeing the kids happy after they eat," said Barb Lepak, Director of Food Service at the Portage County Boys and Girls Club.