Local brothers and teammates prepare for the end of an era

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) --- Fate made them a family on and off the basketball court. But now life is sending them in different directions.

"We're stepbrothers, but our parents got married when we were about three, so we've been brothers ever since," said Travis Johnson, a senior at Stevens Point Area Senior High.

Since a young age, Elliot Eron and Travis Johnson have been brothers, best friends and teammates.

"I think we've played football, basketball, hockey, track, soccer, I think that's it. But we've played everything together, and anything we stopped, we stopped at the same time, and anything we started we started at the same time," said Johnson.

But now, the duo is preparing to end their senior basketball season at SPASH, as well as an era of being teammates.

"Been quite a run through our whole school career so far and it's come to an end, but it's been nice to have someone by my side the whole time," said Elliot Eron, a senior at SPASH.

"Honestly it's been a blessing to always have somebody next to me, always had somebody to help me out to go through things," said Johnson.

Even though they've shared everything together their whole lives; as college approaches, so do the next steps of life.

"We go everywhere together. We go somewhere to eat, we go together. We go to school, we're going together. We go to sports, we're going together. We go and hang out with friends, we're going together. We go everywhere together. So not always having that plus one will be different, but, we'll get used to it," said Johnson.

"Just living together too. We've shared a room since we've been 3 or 4 years old, so it's just going to be different not living with him," said Eron.

Their special connection that shines on the court won't go unnoticed.

"It's that unique communication that you really can't explain, but it's just there, that both of them kind of know what the other one's going to do before they do it," said Jon Krull, the Head Coach for boy's basketball at SPASH.

"I feel really lucky of the fact that I've had somebody that's so similar to me, and happens to be my brother, that's got to be the coolest thing," said Johnson.

No matter what school the pair ends at, the brothers said they will obviously plan to stay in touch. They're also using each other to discuss what options may be best for them and their futures.