Lawmakers react to state budget funding for education, roads

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- "The budget signed by the governor is a much needed investment in our kids," said the State Superintendent of Public Instruction Carolyn Stanford at a press conference on Monday.

Governor Tony Evers' Cabinet Secretary-designees along with the State Superintendent toured the state on Monday to talk about the newly signed state budget.

"We had asked for a total budget of $1.4 billion and around $600 million investment for education because we know our schools and districts are suffering because they are under resourced," said Stanford.

Republicans approved an increase of $500 million for schools over the next two years which was not nearly as much as the governor requested. But Governor Evers was able to use his veto powers to provide an additional $87 million for education.

Republicans said he was correct to sign the budget but don't agree with his use of vetos. "If you look at the budget the governor introduced it would've left us with a $2 billion deficit and it would've raised taxes by a billion dollars. The legislature did the responsible job budgeting. I thought we hit the mark to what the governor was asking for," explained Republican State Senator Tom Tiffany of District 12.

As for what you can expect from the new budget. "They're going to have the resources to able to deliver a good education," said Tiffany.

"Those dollars that are additional per pupil will be applicable to all districts across the state and you will see that in Wausau as well," said Stanford.

As for roads a $10 increase for car registration fees and a $95 increase for title transfers will be put in place to help pay for the roads.