Hunting safety on higher than average water levels

swampy landscape with white birds, trees, and a lake
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- With recent storms, water levels are higher than average degraded the safety conditions on many public hunting ground all around the state. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said currents are running fast, lakes are flooding and that there is debris in the water. Loose cattail mats have also been seen to change marsh topography, stranding some hunters in their boats. To help the situation, DNR staff members are working to remove blockages and control water flow where possible. Todd Schaller with the DNR said there are a few things hunters can do to help the situation as well.

"Be aware of the changing conditions holistically and know where you're going. Have a good map or plan in place prior to heading out,” Schaller said.

He also said to always wear your life jacket, stay by your boat and know your limits on the water. The DNR does not expect water levels to lower any time soon. Schaller said that if hunters play it safe they should have a great hunting season.

"There's plenty of opportunity for people to enjoy the outdoors and we want them to, we just want them to do it in a way that is safe and responsible,” Schaller said.