Honoring those who answer 911 calls during Telecommunicators Week

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MARATHON COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- It's the voices we hear in our worst moments, 911 dispatchers are always there to answer in an emergency and send help. The second week in April is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, where the first first responders are celebrated for their dedication and service.

Jennifer Evon is a Communications Specialist for Marathon County 911 and has been serving residents here for the last seven years. Even before that she was saving lives, "I actually started out as an EMT/Firefighter and after talking with friends who work here I decided to give it a try," explained Evon.

Dispatchers have to be calm and professional on every call to get the person the help and information they need. "It's trying to do what you can to keep control of your caller so you can get them the proper help," Evon said.

Evon and her coworkers work 12 hour shifts answering any and every kind of call you can imagine. It's the kind of work you have to be prepared to do everyday.

"Well some days are harder than others but I absolutely love it," she said.