Heavy snow could cause your roof to collapse

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MARATHON COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) -- All the snow we've gotten recently could create a dangerous situation for your home, business or farm.

The weight of snow on the roof of buildings could cause it to collapse which is why many people spent the day clearing snow off of their roofs.

Ryan Ott, a contractor, was one of the them and explained how dangerous it could be if the snow turns to ice. "When it is really warm that snow is melting and runs down to the bottom and freezes because there isn't too much heat by the eve." Which he said could add even more stress to your roof.

It's also an issue for farmers like Keith Kreager who was out shoveling off his barn. He explained how he goes after removing snow from his roof. "The main thing is hit your main points and valleys and like in our situation where the roof is taller than the existing building well that is going to create drifts and drop the snow right there."

If your roof does collapse you may not be covered by your insurance. Ryan Kreager who writes farm and home insurance in the area said you should check with your insurance to see if they cover basic collapse or snow load collapse. "Check with your agent and see if you have it in your policy in your homeowners or farmers. Farm owners sometimes have it built in but some don't and some companies you can't add snow load in winter months."

With more snow coming on Tuesday it's a good idea to go and check how much is up on your roof.