Gresham campground not allowing use of masks in buildings

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GRESHAM, Wis. (WSAW) - The Gresham campground that is not allowing visitors to wear masks inside any of its buildings has responded to NewsChannel 7’s request for comment.

In a post on the Annie’s Campground Facebook page, the campground describes weekend events and camping prices. The post goes on to say that anyone wearing a mask inside will be “Viewed as a robbery in progress and will be handled that way.”

NewsChannel 7 reached out to the campground via phone and Facebook for comment.

An unidentified representative for the campground responded to our comment Sunday morning on Facebook saying:

“No one here wears or wants to wear a mask. Even one of my customers with stage 4 cancer. That is her choice, not mine. We have had several burglaries in our area recently and with all the threats I have received on social media, I felt it prudent to let those stupid ‘expletive’ know my expectations. I have had numerous threats from those haters saying they are going to come and cough on everyone! And they are the ones upset about not wearing masks! Insane.”

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