Government shutdown impacting tax returns

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WAUSAU, Wis (WSAW) -- The government shutdown is now in its 16th day with no signs of it coming to an end, and taxpayers looking for a refund might have to wait before it’s issued.

"The IRS has stated that they aren't going to be issuing refunds during the government shutdown,” explained Jamie Koeppel who is an Enrolled Agent at H&R Block. “It is business as usual for everyone else."

Regardless of when the government shutdown ends, taxes will still be due April 15th. Depending on your employer, some W2's have already been sent in the mail. Tax accountants say if you plan on waiting until the end of the government shutdown to submit your taxes you’re making a huge mistake.

“If you wait until April or the end of the shutdown,” said Koeppel, “it could take a while to track the information that you need and you might end up filing an extension or submitting a return without all the benefits you could have received."

Waiting to file can also cause unwanted delays in the process. Some tax filing locations will provide interest-free loans in the amount of your refund.

Tax accountants are also recommending you use a specialist this year to help you file and not online programs.

Due to withholding table changes in 2018, those who usually receive a tax refund, might not see one this year because of tax law changes.