Flambeau River Papers in Park Falls sold to Niagara Worldwide

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PARK FALLS, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Park Falls Mayor says a hearing Monday finalized the sale of Flambeau River Papers, LLC.

“It's important for everybody in the community to be able to move on and Niagara Worldwide is the… are going to be the new owners sometime next week. And we intend to cooperate and aid them in any way possible to restore operations, or portions of operations to our neighbors,” said Mayor Michael Bablick.

He says he’s glad the receiver was able to successfully market and sell the paper mill.

Mayor Bablick said at one time there were about 170 employees. It shutdown in June and was restored in July back to about 100 workers. Bablick said the mill shutdown again after the first attempt to sell it fell through at the end of September.

“And right now it's in what they call a ‘warm idle’ state. So there's probably about a dozen employees all together that are just kind of maintaining the mill,” he explained.

It’s unclear how many jobs will be restored when Niagara Worldwide takes over.

According to its website,Niagara Worldwide specializes in trading, mining, consulting, construction services, demolition, environmental remediation along with "full" scale property development services. It's based in Niagara, Wisconsin.